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A collection of family recipes for infusing vodka piqued my interest into other ingredients that can be used to create infused vodka.  This sparked a journey that would take me to bars near and far in search of unique infusions.  Here, you will find recipes that are inspired by these discoveries. I hope you will enjoy.


To find and share creative infusions.  With craft spirits taking households, speakeasys, and bars by storm, we are seeing countless infusions and cocktails giving the old liquor brands from our college years a facelift.  While these widely embraced trends are giving the family liquor cabinet a much awaited renovation, the house-infusion movement is in many ways a rebirth of long held traditions.  Infused spirits have a long and fascinating history that stretches far and wide throughout the globe.  Looking through recipes, stories, folklore, and anything else that mentions infused spirits, much can be revealed about the drinks we have come to know and love today.  By exploring what history and the latest bars have to offer in terms of infused spirits, we hope to provide the most comprehensive catalog of flavored spirits out there.

“You know how we make a Scotch and water in this home?"

"No, sir," Gus said.
"We pour Scotch into a glass and then call to mind thoughts of water, and then we mix the actual Scotch with the abstracted idea of water.”
― John GreenThe Fault in Our Stars